Creative Directions Management Consulting Group (CDMCG) provides innovative holistic solutions to support businesses in achieving their desired outcomes. Our clients are private companies across industry sectors, non-profit organisations and governmental organisations who are looking for approaches that will help them achieve optimal performance in their business and work operations.

Are you a:

  • Construction company needing to implement better Work Health and Safety practices that comply with industry regulations?
  • An entrepreneur wanting to start a business but needs help with business planning?
  • A business owner wanting to increase sales and improve business growth but needs new marketing ideas?

Maybe your organisation needs:

  • To review the integrity of its mobile security, or
  • An audit of your Quality Management Plans.

Whatever your business or productivity need is, Creative Directions are here to help. Our core areas of expertise covers:

Work Health and Safety

We offer tailored solutions that address individual client’s objectives.

Small Business Consulting

We offer expert advice and support to those intending to start a business or expand an existing one. From planning to product development to marketing, we are a one-stop solutions provider.


Whether you need to implement a marketing plan or find new effective ways to market your business, our skilled staff will help you with traditional and digital marketing strategies.

Management Systems

We specialise in designing, developing and implementing management systems (Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety, Quality) for businesses and organisations. We also help our clients maintain certification as well as providing them with audits.

International trade

Our expert services in International trade supports both new and established businesses in the import/export industry. Our specialist areas of proficiency include but not limited to the Australian, Middle Eastern and European markets.

Internal Audit

We have qualified consultants who can carry out independent auditing services in areas such as Integrated Management Systems and Safety Management Plans and provide recommendations.

Business Ethics

Today, more than ever, ethical business practices have become a critical element of a successful business. We can minimise potential risk by helping you establish a moral value framework.

Mobile Security

While mobile technology has proven its use to enhancing productive processes, it is not without risks. We test and review the integrity of your mobile security systems and can provide strategies to secure the system in place.

The fundamental difference at Creative Directions lies in our consultative and inter-disciplinary approach in offering business solutions that promote business success. Our extensive experience and proficiencies support businesses in Australia no matter the industry they are in. Grow your business quicker with effective business solutions from Creative Directions.