Why should you be concerned about the security of your business data?

Organisations, and employees are more reliant than ever on mobile technology. Indeed, it is one of the fastest growing developments in modern business practices, enabling greater productivity, enhanced workflows, and flexibility. Which is of course great news for all business – however – there are also inherent risks in this rapid adoption of technology.

Moreover, in many cases, business policies and procedures have failed to stay in step with the advancements. Add to this that hackers are becoming more adept at accessing data on the go and the potential for exposure is significant.

Security can be viewed as much like a chain; it is only as strong as its weakest link. Just one small weakness, or break in the chain, can open the whole system to risk.

How can you be confident that your information – and that of your clients’ – remains private?

Our team is adept at testing and reviewing your mobile security to identify any weaknesses. We then help you take ownership of your mobile security concerns in a structured and cost effective way by creating a plan.

We start with an audit of your existing systems. We will look at both the technical and administrative controls you have in place. It includes your businesses’ policies and procedures, strategies for coping with a failure (business continuity plan), software, organisational security and structure, governance and training, among many other things.

From there, Creative Directions Management Consulting Group (CDMCG) can provide you with a plan outlining strategies and suggesting areas for improvement to ensure you protect your confidential data and intellectual property.

We have several years’ experience with mobile device security best practices and have established and implemented a variety of frameworks for different businesses.

We will tailor one specifically to your business and needs. We will then work through the plan with you to determine priorities.

CDMCG then provide you with as much or as little assistance with implementation as you need – including training of personnel in the new systems and procedures.

Contact Us to discuss a tailor-made solution for your business.