Many businesses have a Code of Conduct for employees. However, have you ever thought of how your business may be exposed or damaged by the unethical behaviour of one of your staff?

The fact is, unethical conduct by any member of your organisation can damage and may jeopardise the future, of your organisation.

We have all heard of court cases and news stories in which the poorly-judged and unethical actions of one individual or group of workers have brought an entire organisation into disrepute. Conversely, at the heart of every efficient and well-managed business and its systems, is a robust ethical culture.

CDMCG aims to partner with you to reduce your corporate exposure to unethical behaviour, thereby protecting your brand and reputation.

We can reduce your organisational risks through:

Ethics audits

We work with you to determine your business values with the objective being to ensure all stakeholders share a common sense of rationale and ethical beliefs. We will provide a report which indicates your strengths and weaknesses and well as recommendations for improvement.

Development of ethical values and a framework for management

We can help you design an overall moral framework or plan for your organisation. We work with the board and management to determine, and then articulate, the corporate culture in a way which can then guide the development of strategies for ethical business behaviour.

The framework will also identify internal responsibilities for communication, training, monitoring and reporting.
We will develop strategies for your organisation to prevent or mitigate unethical behaviours as well as strategies to manage unethical behaviour should it occur.

Implementation of the ethics framework

Once the framework has been established, or if you already have a framework, we can also assist you in implementing the policies and procedures necessary to bring your ethical business framework to life.

This includes:

    • Development of codes of conduct
    • Coaching on how to deal with ethical dilemmas within the business context
    • Strategies to handle moral transgressions as well as the elaboration of complaints handling policy.

We have extensive know-how in drafting and implementing policies, procedures and strategies in business ethics.

We can also assist in the implementation as well as walk your team on board through education and training. Education is an effective way to promote responsible behaviour across all levels of your business including management. We can develop both one-off and continuing education programs relating to ethical conduct and corporate expectations.

Contact Us to discuss your situation. We will create an innovative solution to protect your business.