Four things must know about Marketing

Many people think advertising or branding or some other vague concept is marketing. While all these are related to marketing, they are not one and the same. Some use different terminologies and believe it is the same as marketing. Here below I try to define marketing in a straightforward way which most probably you have experienced somewhere:

You are opening your new shop, and putting out a sign saying “Exciting shop is opening very soon” that is advertising.

You hire someone to walk around in town with the sign, that is a promotion.

If the newspaper or your local radio interviews you and writes an article about your store, that is publicity.

Moreover, if you get the mayor to talk about your shop and be part of the opening ceremony that is PR or public relations.

If the town’s visit your store, you show them your products, explain how to use the products, answer their questions and ultimately, spending money at the shop, that is sales.

If you planned the whole thing, that is marketing.

It is as simple as that; marketing is the Strategy you use for getting your ideal target market to know you, like you and trust you enough to become a customer.

Kamal Askari
Principal Consultant and Director
Creative Directions Management Consulting Group

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